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Topic review - The Butterfly effect, Eman and trolls
 Post subject: Re: The Butterfly effect, Eman and trolls Reply with quote
Then that must be why we are commanded
" To preach the word urgently '

Because it has affect
Like seed being scattered and some, do take root and grow.
PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:48 am
 Post subject: Re: The Butterfly effect, Eman and trolls Reply with quote
Dont say fuck.
PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:51 am
 Post subject: The Butterfly effect, Eman and trolls Reply with quote
"One meteorologist remarked that if the theory were correct, one flap of a sea gull's wings would be enough to alter the course of the weather forever. The controversy has not yet been settled, but the most recent evidence seems to favor the sea gulls."


All JW troll boards can be traced to one moment. One common ancestor. And it was simply a random statement. A flap of the wings.

It was when the poster Englishman said "Don't say Fuck".

Many other things factored in, but that moment was like the emergence of multi-cellular life and how a human being and an armadillo have a common ancestor if you go back far enough. Also a Canadian goose and a cactus.
PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:59 am


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